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08. 06. 2017 | Telefonotéka, Český Rozhlas Vltava

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16. 05. 2017 | Radmila Hrdinová


Divadelní noviny (409 kB)

The National Theatre in Prague has reached the world classic by Love on Distance.

25. 03. 2017 | Petr Veber,

“At the First Night Pavla Vykopalová was simply fantastic  - both desperate and noble. Her part, at first milder, gradually dramatically rises in adventurous melodic curves up to reaching the final distinguished pathos.“

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They met. Love on Distance in Brno

25. 03. 2017 | Olga Janáčková,

“And finally Pavla Vykopalová appeared as Clémence which I do consider to be her best theatre role so far. Mastering that extremely difficult part, both singing and acting, offered Pavla a life chance to prove her unique talant.“

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Classical CDs Weekly: Kabeláč, Ligeti, Shostakovich

28. 01. 2017 | Graham Rickson,

Things become especially outré from 1960’s Symphony No. 5 onwards, written for wordless soprano and large orchestra. This performance has the wonderful Pavla Vykopalová in the solo role, her wilder outbursts anticipating passages in Britten’s War Requiem.

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Káťa Kabanová is leading the opening of the Brno Theatre Season.

12. 10. 2016 | Helena Havlíková,

“Ms. Vykopalová, as Káťa, managed to pursuade her audience that Káťa was a stronger and more dramatic character in her struggle of leaving behind the old and backward way of life she had been a part of, crossing it over by her personal courage, and creating thus a new way of life.“

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Staging of Káťa Kabanová: a memorable beginning of the Janáček Festival, Brno 2016

09. 10. 2016 | Jan Špaček,

“Even though the whole evening was in fact a great festival of wonderful, excellent and brilliant parts of art, nevertheless, I do consider the two moments as the most important. One of them was unbeatable performance of Pavla Vykopalová in her title role.“

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